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Slendertone Flex Review

by Will

The Slendertone Flex Pro electro stimulation ab trainer belt works by electronically tightening and releasing your ab muscles. You can simply put the belt on, then go about your normal activities while it does its job. It targets your upper. Lower and oblique muscles all at once, so you get three workouts in one. I really liked the out of the box usability. There is no assembly required, but if you have a waist over 56” you are out of luck. This unisex model is made for people with waists from 24 to 56 inches.

Slendertone 7 Program Abdominal Muscle Toning Belt (Unisex)


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The way the Slendertone Flex Pro works is through the control panel built onto the front of the belt, located right over your navel. You set one of 7 built-in workout routines, and choose from 1 to 99 intensity levels. You adhere the gel pads to your skin, strap on the belt with the easy-fit Velcro, and you are getting an abs workout. It is as easy as that.

What I didn’t like was having to get 3 AA batteries. I know, that is nitpicking, but that really is the only negative. And once in, they last forever! Also, the instructions seem to be written by a 5 year old. They are horrible. But it is as easy to use as I said. I will tell you however, I used it while slouching on the couch when I first got it, and after a couple of days, my back started hurting a little. When I re-read the instructions, it did say to use good posture, so that was my fault.

Out of all the ab belts I have tried, the Slendertone Flex Pro is as sturdy as any others. It just feels solid and sturdy, and there are no wires or remote controls. Everything is right there. Put it on, turn it on, and go. You will like the easy to read LCD audio and video display, and the whole unit is really good quality construction.

The 99 intensity levels are really good for versatility, especially if you are sharing this belt with someone. And the 7 built-in workouts are nice too, they change up your routine, and keep your muscles “confused.” If you are unaware of the terminology, it is good to do different workouts, or the same workouts in a different order, because it keeps your muscles working harder. They can develop a muscle memory if you just grind out the same workout, and won’t grow to their strongest. 7 different programmed workouts is a good feature.

What comes in the box is the Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner and belt, 3 medical grade gel pads, the belt extender that adds 7 – 9 inches, the instruction guide and a convenient carry pouch. Overall, the Slendertone Ab Belt is a really good buy and is recommended.


Great Buy: For what this product does, which is exactly what it claims, it is priced at less than the others on the market, and I would definitely recommend it. If you want a nearly identical, yet cheaper solution, take a look at the Sport Elec Shape n Tone. I definitely recommend the Slendertone Ab Belt, you can get it @

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Slendertone Flex Review3.5625Will2012-03-19 22:04:58The Slendertone Flex Pro ab belt works by electronically tightening and releasing your ab muscles. You can simply put the belt on, then go about your normal activities while it gets the job done.

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Craig b June 20, 2012 at 5:01 am

Was reading the reviews and was wondering if any products actually help with strengthening core stability muscles?
Obviously they can work on the surface muscles for toning however it’s core strengthening that I am mainly interested in.


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