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Sport Elec Ab Belt Review

by Will

The Ab Belt™ by Sport Elec is also known as the “The Shape n Tone” system, and it works through electro stimulation of your ab muscles. The Sport Elec Ab Belt is a one piece design, so there is no assembly like with some other belts. Out of the box you just install the 3 AA batteries (included), fasten the belt, choose your workout level of intensity and go. That’s it. Well, there is some contouring cream (included) that you have to apply to your skin to make sure the sensor pads make a good contact and do the best job of contracting and releasing your muscles. This also keeps your skin from drying out.

This Contour Creme comes in a tube that lasts for about 30 uses, so you will go through one tube every 4 to 6 weeks, since they recommend using 5 times a week. I would recommend ordering an extra tube when you order the Sport Elec belt. I ran out before I realized it and had to wait for my order. A tube is about $5 @, so the cost is negligible, and you won’t interrupt your workout by running out.

The ab belt comes with 4 different programs built into the controller, and there are 30 levels of intensity, so you have a total of 120 workouts. This is great as you will want to start off slow and ramp up as you get stronger. The display is on the control box on the front right side of the belt, to the right of your navel. And a really nice feature is, it faces up at you, so you don’t have to bend and contort to see it.

The belt fits up to a 45 inch midsection, with an extension included up to 54, and Velcro is how it fastens, so it can fit your wife, husband or workout partner, as well as anyone in the family. With so many levels of intensity, there are several workouts for every level of fitness.

The “Shape n Tone” Ab Belt™ by Sport Elec comes with a wonderful nutrition guide to help you get trim and lose weight, since the ab belt only tones and shapes ab muscles. It is not a fat burner. A “Move It to Lose It” exercise CD is also included, as well as 3 AA batteries and an instruction manual. Overall, the Sport Elec Ab belt is a great buy that does the job well, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can get it from or the Official Website, if it’s out of stock at Amazon.

Sport-Elec Body Control System Ab Belt


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Sport Elec Ab Belt Review4.125Will2012-02-10 19:33:47The Ab Belt™ by Sport Elec is also known as the “The Shape n Tone” system, and it works through electro stimulation of your ab muscles. The Sport El…

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i am seeing really good ressults and i am loving it


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i justt placed in an order of one hopefully i does workoutt 4 me…!!!


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