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Flex Mini Review

by Will

I can personally recommend the Flex Mini to all who want a firmer pair of thighs and sexier butt as I have seen the results on many of my friends. The technology behind it is proven and multiple customer reviews show that it is the perfect tool for toning your lower body. You may read the full review and other customer reviews below.

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What is the Flex Mini?

The Flex Mini is a modified version of the Flex Mini Skirt. The former was a full-blown skirt primarily targeting your thighs. The Flex Mini is a new version designed specifically for the butt and thighs. In making this modification, the company considered end users requirements and thus developed what best suits their needs. But what exactly is the Flex Mini? This is a simple electrical stimulant device manufactured by the same reputable company that brought us the Flex Belt. Essentially, the device tones and firms the buttocks and thighs. The Flex Mini is approved by the Food and Drug Association, and what this means is that buyers need not be concerned with the safety of the device. It is tried, tested and approved!

The Flex Mini is made with great medical quality which has rendered the Flex Belt a success. The Mini is essentially a creative addition to the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) market and the first of its kinds because it tones areas that other devices do not cover. The device is just like an ordinary mini skirt which can be worn under ordinary clothes. The best part is that wearers feel comfortable and safe and still reap positive and rather visible benefits.

What comes with Flex Mini?
There are a number of components that complete the Flexi Mini and which buyers receive upon purchase of the product. These include the Flex Mini, rechargeable power supply unit, Gel Pads, carrying case, instructions booklet/manual. In certain cases, buyers, depending which store they get the product, are entitled to a year’s subscription to fitness magazines.

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How the Flex Mini Works

The Flex Mini uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to stimulate the nerves in the butt area, which contracts and relaxes these muscles. The device consists of prepositioned medical grade gel pads that cover both the buttocks and back thighs areas. Medical-gel pads used in the device have a distinct coating. They serve their purpose by adhering to the skin and in this way they help conduct impulses to the muscles. Food and Drug Association has confirmed these gel pads to be safe and effective to use. Unless otherwise, the gel pads that come with Flex Mini lasts for only 30 sessions. Manufacturers always insist that the quality of gel pads that customers may go for as a replacement should be of standard quality; it is the quality of the gel pads that determines the effectiveness of the whole device. Further, manufacturers of the Flex Mini and related devices recommend that such products as gel pads should be ordered from their official website as quality will be guaranteed. It is also advisable that buyers purchase two or three sets at a go to avoid interrupting workout sessions.

In summary, the Mini Flex works in four simple steps. First, electronic impulses branch out from the gel pads. Secondly, the impulses reach the muscles in the backs of the thighs and the buttocks. Thirdly, impulses cause perfect muscle contractions, and. Finally, muscles contract and relax up to 150 times per workout session. below is a diagram detailing the process:

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The Flex Mini versus Conventional Exercising

In addition to toning thigh and butt muscles, Flex Mini has become a popular device because it replaces conventional exercising. The muscle contractions and relaxations experienced by the device users are not only deep and comfortable, but are also far reaching. This means that a person working-out using Flex Mini has no need of conducting a number of traditional exercises. Some of the exercises eliminated by the use of the Flexi Mini include squats, leg lifts, ham string curls, walking and ordinary lunges, elliptical cross trainer and butt blaster machine related exercises.

How long do you have to wait to see the results?

Surprisingly, it only takes 25 to 30 minutes of workout per day to see the results in an average of 6 weeks. After this period, manufacturers advise users to reduce Flex Mini sessions to 2 or 3 sessions per week to help sustain these results.

Flex Mini Reviews from others:

“This product is well worth it. You start to notice it firming you up within the first 2 weeks. The $90 free gift are some weight loss pills. I typically dont like the way these kind of pills make me feel, but I was pleased with them. They gave me more enegy to get through the day. I deffinately recommend this product.” - Jnslntbob @ amazon

“I put on the FlexMini and it tightened my glute muscles right away. I came home from the gym and decided to use it for the first time and this product absolutely made my backside tighten up and it feels like it could be a great post workout activity to have a more toned look and feel.” – Gabrielle @ dietsinreview

“I’m a physical therapist and I had to research this product because you can’t just use any EMS device. There are companies out there now and they are not licensed to sell EMS devices but they do. The Flexmini Skirt made by slendertone is the only FDA approved EMS device to sell OTC in the U.S. So i ordered it and gave it a try. The quality of the product is top notch. The product also works well. This is a perfect product for my patients in rehabilitation but healthy people wanting to tone some muscles can use it too. I would suggest real excercise in conjunction with this but if you’re not working out at all, this might be a good product to order. You don’t want your muscles going into atrophy and rebuilding in the wrong way. oh yeah my butt looks a little nicer since i started using it.” – Keenan @ dietsinreview

“I bought this based on reviews I saw on dietblog and I have used it 8 days for 1 hr instead of the 30 minutes and it definitely works. My backside was in really bad shape and still is but it is already so much higher. My pants already fit differently with their being more room in the upper thigh area of my pants. It has been so hard to improve this area. I did Taibo which was great but it would take 6 months of Taibo to do what this did in a week.” – Eve @ dietsinreview

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~ It is clinically proven to have worked (in some way) for nearly 100% of users

~ 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

~ Extremely convenient and discreet

~ FDA cleared

~ Can be used at any time (straighten your hair, do your make up, etc. while using)

~ High satisfaction rate

~ It functions with little to no effort at all


~ Only for women.

~ Not as social as going to the gym

~ Gel Pads have to be replaced regularly

~ A tad-bit expensive

Parting Short

Flex Mini offers the most convenient, safe, and effective way to tone, lift and firm buttocks without having to exercise. Clinical tests conducted by both the manufacturers and Food and Drug Association (FDA) have confirmed the device fit for health related purposes. The device works not by magic but through means developed in medical science. Most importantly, the device gives you a 60 day money back warranty.

Your Exclusive Flex Mini Discount => Click this Link First, Then Enter Promo Code “FLEXMINI10OFF” on Order Page

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