Flex Belt vs Contour

by Will

The Flex Belt and Contour Ab Belt both resulted from the necessity for a simple but efficient ab toning product. Most people have a busy lifestyle and cannot incorporate exercise routines into their lives. Even stay-at-home moms have trouble finding the time to exercise because taking care of their children is a full-time job. Both the Flex Best and Contour Ab Belt provide a good alternative to tiring and time-consuming methods for staying in shape. Choosing the Flex Belt vs Contour can be difficult to do if you are unfamiliar with the two products.

The Bottom Line (Short Summary)

The Flex Belt is superior to the Contour Ab Belt for these three reasons:

  1. Power Source – The Flex Belt is rechargeable and saves a considerable amount of money by not having to buy batteries every month or so.
  2. Price – The Contour is $199.99 and the Flex Belt is $179.99 with the flex belt coupons listed here. Or you can click this =>  [coupon code="prio" /]
  3. Quality – They both produce the same results and are equally effective but the Flex Belt is designed and constructed much better than the Contour Ab Belt. The flex belt is much more streamline in it’s design and makes it much easier to sit down with.

How do the Flex Belt and Contour Ab Belt work?

Both the Flex Belt and Contour Ab Belt use electronic muscle stimulation to form a well-toned abdomen. The technology used by the belts cause your abdomen to contract and relax through electricity impulses. These contractions are similar to those caused by performing push-ups or sit-ups. Both belts claim that 30 min. a day of using the product provides noticeable results within weeks. The Flex Belt and Contour Ab Belt can also be used after you are toned to maintain the results. So what is the difference between the Flex Belt and Contour Ab Belt? Each product offers a similar service but quality and value are not the same.

flex belt vs contourThe Flex Belt: Pros and Cons


  • Abs can be tightened and toned while you go about your daily duties.
  • Rechargeable and completely portable.
  • The belt and control can be worn anytime; no one will ever know you are wearing the Flex Belt.
  • The product has undergone several clinical trials, all resulting in the Flex Belt being 100% efficient.
  • FDA approved, meaning that the product has passed rigorous safety and standards tests.
  • Can be used by; people with difficulties exercising, stay-at-home mothers, office workers, and anyone else looking to
  • maintain a great physique.
  • 60 days guarantee for your money back
  • 2 years warranty
  • Purchase of the Flex Belt includes; 44 inch. belt extension, rechargeable unit, Flex Belt gel pads, an instructions
  • manual, and a subscription of one year to various prestigious fitness magazines.
  • International delivery available


  • The 60 day money back guarantee is only valid if the product is purchased through the Flex Belt official website.

Pros and Cons of the Contour Ab Belt


  • Tightens, strengthens, and tones abdominal muscles.
  • Can be worn anywhere while getting a good workout on your abs.
  • Approved by the FDA
  • 30 days guarantee
  • 1 year warranty
  • Purchase of the Contour Ab Belt also includes; travel back pack, exercise guide, and nutrition guide.


  • Does not include a belt extender.
  • Is not rechargeable; runs on 4 AAA batteries
  • The controller is TV remote-size
  • Clinical trials from 3rd parties are not available
  • Takes 2-3 weeks for product to arrive
  • Shipping is only available within the U.S.

Key Points of Flex Belt vs Contour

There are several important things to consider when selecting the Flex Belt vs Contour. One main difference between the two belts is that the Flex Belt has actually been tested by third parties. Having unbiased opinions and results to look at is very important when choosing any product. The Flex Belt has been trialed by other companies and has proven to be exemplary. The Contour has not published any third party trials, therefore other professional opinions or results are unknown. Another great thing about the Flex Belt is that it can be shipped worldwide. Unlike the Contour, the Flex Belt can be shipped to wherever you are residing. Having a peace of mind is also crucial to making a purchasing decision. With the Contour you only get a 30 day guarantee (that is if the product arrives quickly). The Flex Belt provides you with a 60 day guarantee and a 2 year warranty; this allows you to enjoy your belt without having to worry about anything. One last thing to consider is portability; the Contour’s large remote can make wearing the belt in secrecy difficult. The small remote that the Flex Belt comes with allows the entire product to be kept secret; this way it can be worn anytime while you tone your abdomen.

What People Think About the Contour Ab Belt

While some consumers are satisfied with the Contour Ab Belt, others have not had the same luck. Some people have reported that the shipment time is way too long. In fact, some customers state that their 30 day guarantee ended before they even received the product. Another common issue with the Contour Ab Belt that people claim to have is proper fitting. Currently, the Contour Belt only offers a universal (or one size fits all) size; this can be an issue for many people. There are not many reviews or professional opinions about the product itself. This makes the product’s credibility poor and causes uncertainty in most people.

What People are Saying About the Flex Belt

Like all other products, there are bound to be some negative reviews on the Flex Belt. Surprisingly, the majority of reviews are positive and give the Flex Belt an overall rating of 5 stars. What makes the Flex Belt so unique? The answer is quite simple; the product has been proven to work by various professionals, famous people, and ordinary people. Just about every review that is found on the Flex Belt states that the results are definite. People all over the world have tried and loved the Flex Belt. The Flex Belt produces a sensation similar to that of doing push-ups. An advantage over regular exercising methods is that the Flex Belt does not produce an uncomfortable feeling and does not require a lot of energy or strain.

The quality of the Flex Belt vs Contour can be debated; however, consumers everywhere have spoken out that the product (EMS) really works. The Flex Belt and the Contour are very close in pricing, but why choose a low quality belt when you can get a top notch product for less? Trying a new product is always a risk; when choosing from the Flex Belt vs Contour it is safe to say that most people prefer the Flex Belt because it has been used by many and has lived up to most people’s standards.


Hey everyone, My name is Will and I have been reviewing fitness products for 2 years. I decided to create Ab Belt Advisor to help those who are wondering which ab belt is right for them. Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment or your own review below. Thank you all :)

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Hunter March 12, 2012 at 1:43 pm

Hello Will,
Thanks for the extra info on the 2 belts. I am debating which one to get and was going to see if you could help out with that. I am currently on a strict diet and workout plan and I have abs (I just want them a little more toned) which is where the belt should come in. Basically my question is which one has a stronger EMS because it seems the stronger pulse should workout the ab section better? Just curious to see which one you would recommend with the info given.


Will March 17, 2012 at 5:34 am

Hi Hunter,
If you are looking for power, I’d recommend the Flex Belt. I’ve tried it at 100 (it goes up to 150) and can barely last for 20 minutes at that level. The rechargeable power source of the Flex belt holds much more voltage than the AAA batteries of the Contour which translates to more intensity. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks for stopping by!


Gina September 6, 2012 at 11:57 pm

I’m looking to tighen my abs as well. Do they have any restrictions for those who take coumadin (Blood Thinner)??
Thanks, Gina
btw…I’m 45 and in great physical condition other than the blood dissorder I have.


Paul R. Brooks October 6, 2012 at 12:09 am

i have had several spinal surgries and thought i’ve lost from 240 # to 180# the past few years,i still need to lose about 40 more pounds and this weigh loss i need is the fat around my mid section[including stomach]. though i exercise and i’ve owned a tens unit tears ago it was so uncomtable due to the shock does this unit cause a uncomtable shock as older units?


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