Contour Ab Belt Review

by Will

The Contour Ab Belt works by send electronic impulses from a battery pack to sensor pads that contract and release your muscles for you. You can work out while you are reading, doing housework, at work, wherever. Unlike most ab belts, there is a bit of assembly required, though it is pretty simple. You have to move the belt clip off of the muscle stimulator pack to place the 4 AAA batteries (they are included), and that is sort of a pain, but once you do it a couple of times, it is no big deal, and the batteries last forever.

Also, you have to pull adhesive off the back of the gel pads on this belt, and place them on the belt in the outlined areas. The pads last about 30 or 40 sessions, and then you simply pull them off and replace them. This medical grade gel keeps your skin moist, and makes a good connection with the electrodes. You then have to lace the muscle stimulator to the belt. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble the pack, but it isn’t rocket science. If you want an out of the box, slap in your batteries and go ab stimulator, this is not the one for you, but honestly, it is super simple.

The strapping on the belt is smaller on the sides of your waist, and I liked that. Some ab belts are really wide there and they don’t need to be. Also, the Contour Ab Belt will not really burn fat, but will definitely tone your abs. It targets your upper, lower and obliques all at once, but there is just off and on, there are not multiple intensity levels to choose from. Also, the quality of the belt and pads was not that sturdy. I am sure it will be fine, but I was hoping for a more rugged, heavier feeling unit. The up side there is that it is not heavy when you wear it.

The Contour Ab Belt was designed by Swedish health professionals to help exercise muscles on patients who could not exercise themselves. A diet and exercise guide and owner’s manual, as well as a carry bag come with the belt, sensor pads and Muscle stimulator pack. The gel pads do need to be replaced, as mentioned above, and cost around $28 for 4, so every 30 or 40 uses this is a cost you will incur.

The Contour Ab Belt is priced about the same as the other ab belts that use electronic stimulation, and is FDA cleared for toning and shaping abdominals. I do like that it is light, but wish it was a little more durable. In comparison to other belts it seems a little flimsy, but that certainly does not affect the performance.


It’s an Decent Buy: It effectively does what it says it will, and after about 5 or 10 minutes of assembly, you can literally watch as it contracts and fatigues your muscles. The enclosed 4 AAA batteries last a long time, and the only real negative I see is paying $28 or so every 30 to 40 workouts, which is about every 30 or 40 days, for replacement pads. But then again, you have to do this for most belts. Other than that, it works as described, and will firm and tone your abs. I’d recommend the Flex Belt over the Contour Ab Belt but it’s certainly worth trying risk-free at only $14.95.

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Contour Ab Belt Review4.125Will2013-06-19 03:05:21The Contour Ab Belt works by send electronic impulses from a battery pack to sensor pads that contract and release your muscles for you. You can work …

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