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Abtronic X2 Review

by Will

The Abtronic X2 Abdominal Slimming and Toning Belt uses electronic muscle stimulation to shape your abdominals, but can also be used to firm and tone your chest, or even your legs and arms with the mini belt for your calves, thighs and biceps. The way it works is through electro-stimulation. You strap on the wide belt looking device that has a control pad and display monitor on the front. It comes with an Ab Toning gel, but the amount that comes with the kit is just to get you started. Make sure you order some when you order the belt, or you’ll have to wait like I did for more.

You rub the gel on to make a better contact from the 4 adjustable electronic sensor pads on the front and back to your muscles, and it also keeps your skin from drying out while you use the belt. Also, the 4 pads let you target two muscle groups at once, the front and back, so twice the workout. You then simply select the intensity level and the belt contracts and expands your muscles for you.

The Abtronic X2 belt was invented by physiotherapists for use by people who had accidents and were bed-bound and could not flex their own muscles. It worked so well keeping their muscles toned and fit that they released it as a fitness product. I found that it works as advertised, but that you shouldn’t expect a lot at first. If you are not already in great shape, like me, it will take a week or so before you can handle anything above level 4 intensity. That’s okay, because you can’t go from lifting no weight to lifting 200 pounds, you have to build up, and that is what you do with the Abtronic X2.

It runs on 2 AAA batteries, which is nice because you don’t have any wires you have to worry about, but it uses them pretty quickly, so keep some on hand. I did not know what to expect and thought it would be noisy, but it makes no noise, and doesn’t shake or vibrate. I really like that they included a diet plan as well. There are 10 intensity levels, and 8 different body workouts, so 80 different workouts in all.

Pretty nice feature is the flip button that flips the display upside down so you can look down and read it as you wear the belt. It is sturdy, and has Velcro for tightening, so you can get the right fit every time, but it isn’t so heavy that it wears you down. I can actually put a shirt over it and go anywhere without it being too noticeable. You get a carry bag, the ab belt, smaller arm and leg belt, 4 removable muscle contracting pads, a diet plan and instruction book.


Bad Buy: The Abtronic X2 is an OK unit for the money, and an upgrade from their previous model. I would recommend it if you are on a budget and want more power than the SportElec. There are much better models out there such as the Slendertone Flex Pro. Also, customer service is practically non-existent.


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Abtronic X2 Review3.25Will2012-03-17 05:34:52The Abtronic X2 Abdominal Slimming and Toning Belt uses electronic muscle stimulation to shape your abdominals, but can also be used to firm and tone your chest, [Read review...]

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Nayan December 6, 2011 at 3:06 am

The quality of the product is worst…. Its CHINA made, i purchase and after 5 days its front channel stop working… Before purchasing they made of promises for replacement, repair etc within warranty period, but now they are saying we need to check it… we cannot replace it…. etc… etc… Finally its a CHINESE TOY… avoid buying.


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