Ab Belts – 4 Myths Exposed

by Will

So you want to bring sexy back to your stomach area? But who really has the time, patience or energy to do endlessly grueling ab workouts in the hope to gain a flat, firm, and toned stomach? Not too many people that’s for sure! This is why ab belts have become outrageously popular over the past few years. Can you imagine never having to do another crunch or sit up again? This is the promise of ab belts.

In this article I will be exposing the top four ab belt myths. If you want to learn the truth about this innovative and cutting edge technology to help you get killer abs, then sit back, relax and pay attention to every word in this article as all will be revealed.

Myth One – Ab Belts Are A Scam

Exercise equipment and gadgets come and go all the time, and while some work amazingly well, others are unfortunately a scam. Ab belts are no different! There certainly has been some products on the market that haven’t worked as advertised and could most definitely been labelled as a “scam”. But having said that, there also exists some ethical ab belt companies, who make superior equipment that does indeed get results. So ab belts are definitely not a scam, just make sure you do your research and choose a high quality product.

Myth Two – All Ab Belts Are The Same

It’s important to differentiate between the different ab belts available as only one has actually been demonstrated time and time again to get amazing results. There are three types of ab belts, EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) belts, vibrating belts, and sauna belts. Out of these three, only EMS belts will allow you to get a flat, smooth, and toned stomach. Vibrating belts and sauna belts don’t work effectively, if at all. So stick with what works if you want to get the most powerful abdominal muscle stimulation.

Myth Three – Using An Ab Belt Is All That’s Needed To Get Results

As effective as ab belts are at helping to develop the abdominal muscles, they should be used as part of a larger system to maximize results. But what does this mean exactly? It’s vitally important that you combine regular use of the ab belt in combination with diet. If all you do is use the ab belt without worrying about your diet, then you may struggle to achieve those flat washboard abs that you have been dreaming about.

No matter how developed your ab muscles become, if you have a thick layer of fat covering them, then your six pack will forever remain covered. So it’s absolutely essential that you eat a healthy fat burning diet. Calorie consumption should be kept to a minimum and to help speed the metabolism, high protein foods should be eaten more frequently. So when you combine the electrical muscle stimulation from the ab belt with a fat burning diet, you will achieve lightening fast results quicker than you might have ever though possible.

Myth Four – Results Can Be Seen With Only 10 Minutes A Day

Whenever you hear hyped up statements such as “get abs in only 10 minutes a day using the ab belt”, keep your money in you pocket! As a general guideline, to develop your abs, you will need to spend 30 minutes per day, at least 4 – 5 days per week. After a period of six weeks of consistent exercise, you can expect to see noticeable results. So don’t trust those advertisements you see on television, which are flat out lying about the time needed to get washboard abs.

It’s important to know how to understand and sort the facts from fiction when it comes to exercise products. With crazy claims being made every time we turn on the television or read an advertisement, it’s more important now that ever before to be super careful where you get your information from.

Now that you know the four common myths that surround ab belts, you will be in a much more powerful and informed position to pick the best ab belt product for you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Remember, the journey to building amazing abs will take time and effort but using an ab belt will accelerate you don’t the path to achieving your dream body.


Hey everyone, My name is Will and I have been reviewing fitness products for 2 years. I decided to create Ab Belt Advisor to help those who are wondering which ab belt is right for them. Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment or your own review below. Thank you all :)

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